The actress Monica Gruber presents the „various faces“ of Berlin in a humoristic-impressing manner: walking, by bus or by boat! On Potsdamer Platz she is recitating the german writer ERICH KÄSTNER.

Born in Innsbruck, she has lived and worked as a freelance actress in "Deutsche Landen" since 1970. After her engagement at the DEUTSCHEN SCHAUSPIELHAUS in HAMBURG, she was brought to Berlin in 1981 for the TV series "FAMILY LAURENT".


At the SPREE she has performed EINPERSONENSTÜCKE, worked as a narrator at the BERLIN-HÖRBÜCHEREI, toured Germany with staged readings and can be seen "on air" in various commercials of international brands worldwide.  


Since 2000 she has been working in parallel as a CITY GUIDE in BERLIN and POTSDAM. She has become an enthusiastic Berliner by choice - "Berlin has spoiled me for every other city."


For years she has been recharging her batteries on the small island of PROCIDA in the GULF of NEAPEL. The originality of this island with the picturesque fishing bay (borgo dei pescatori) CORICELLA, where the film "Il Postino" (Philippe Noiret as Pablo Neruda, Massimo Troisi as the letter carrier) was shot in 1994,takes her into another world. There she is a guest and has been pampered for years in her accommodation: https://www.mediterraneoprocida.com/en/camera/bb-il-comandante/

Foto: Serafino Amato, Roma
Foto: Serafino Amato, Roma

Information about the actress at castforward.me/monica-gruber